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Van Van Motorbike hire in Ibiza


With our Van Van hire in Ibiza you will be able to enjoy this fantastic motorbike at the best price possible. Ideal for travelling as a couple, the Suzuki Van Van 125 has a much larger and more comfortable seat for the passenger, making trips taken on the island much more pleasant.

Van Van

Van Van Motorbike Hire in Ibiza and Formentera

An icon in the world of motorbikes, the Suzuki Van Van is one of the Suzuki motorbikes with the longest history. Originally created in 1972 under the name RV 125 Tracker, and commercialised with 50, 90 and 125 cc engines, the model was known for being an all-terrain motorbike with much larger tyres than normal for the period. With our Van Van hire in Ibiza now you will also be able to enjoy driving on this historic motorbike.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Suzuki production plant stopped making these models, and did not begin to produce them again until 2003, a return which pleased many enthusiasts. Despite this, the first 2003 models had various shortcomings, mainly very limited brakes and excessively soft suspension, faults which were improved along with the modification of the injection system in 2007. Currently the best-selling in western countries is the 125cc model although in Japan an exclusive 200cc model is sold.

When hiring a Van Van Ibiza and Formentera you will be able to feel the evolution of a historic motorbike, as it was one of the first motorbikes used in the first trial motorbike championship in Spain, held in 1964. With wide handlebars, and a larger than average rear wheel, this motorbike has the power necessary for covering extensive dirt tracks in the mountains without a problem,also thanks to its amazing agility, its light weight and great resistance. With its low consumption it will allow you to make maximum savings on fuel and time. Although its 125cc motor does not have a very great power, it is one of the most reliable motors on the market, making a breakdown with this motorbike highly unlikely.

Furthermore, thanks to the ergonomic design of the motorbike and the high resistance of its wheels, the Van Van is capable of journeys in the mountains which other motorbikes with the same cubic capacity could not, and with total comfort for the passengers. What is lost in power compared to other similar motorbikes is gained in manoeuvrability and resistance. Specially designed for sandy terrain thanks to its two large wheels, this motorbike is an ideal option for surfers or campers seeking a mode of transport which is easy to park upon arrival at their destination.

Although hiring a Van Van in Ibiza and Formentera may be appealing for those seeking to drive in wilder areas, at Turbo Rent a Car you will find many other different models which adapt to all kinds of needs. You will find much smaller models of Scooters such as the Piaggio Typhoon 50cc, the Aprilia 50cc and the classic Vespa, perfect motorbikes for travelling in the city of Ibiza as a couple. There are not just motorbikes, as you can also find cars of all sizes, 4x4 vehicles for those who wish to make excursions to mountain areas, and vans and minivans for those who need a lot of space for their baggage or for a large group, etc. If you are looking for excitement you can find our range of quadbikes, just what you need to add something to your exciting holiday in Ibiza.