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Convertible car hire in Ibiza

Feel Ibiza on your skin and drive unique models on the island.

Driving a convertible is a pleasure which anyone would like to experience, and now it is possible thanks to the offers from Turbo Rent a Car, as you will be able to hire convertible cars in Ibiza. With our incredible prices you will be able to enjoy a great cabriolet while you enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Ibiza to the maximum on its roads and motorways and visit each one of the towns which make up the White Island. With our convertible hire in Ibiza you will enjoy the experience of driving a convertible at the best price of the islands.


Convertible Hire in Ibiza

At Turbo Rent a Car we make a wide variety of different models of vehicles available to you, adapted to any kind of need. A romantic trip? You will find smaller cars with two seats, for all the intimacy that you need. Travelling in a group? We have all kinds of 4x4 vehicles, minivans and vans, ideal for ensuring that no one has to stay behind, and that you can bring all the luggage you need. If you are looking for something more glamorous you can find our select variety of convertibles for enjoying driving to the maximum in the excellent climate of Ibiza.

You can now hire convertibles in Ibiza with one of the leading companies of the Balearic Islands, for the maximum guarantee of having the best service and quality for being able to drive on the motorways of Ibiza without any concerns. You will be able to select a Fiat 500 cabriolet, a perfect car for driving in the city due to its small size, as well as for enjoying a romantic trip, forgetting about the problems of parking and, thanks to its low consumption engine, saving a great deal on fuel. Being a cabriolet model, you will be able to take the roof down to enjoy the climate and sun of Ibiza, driving in the city, in the countryside or at the beach, always at the best price of the islands.

If you need something with more space, no problem! Our Peugeot 308 cc Cabriolet is just what you’re looking for: a spacious, elegant car, with an internal design prepared to provide you with the maximum comfort on the road. With luxury finishes, this car has comfortable stitched leather seats, as well as having a fully decorated interior, giving the vehicle an air of exclusive glamour and luxury. Furthermore, thanks to Airwave technology, the headrests of the seats have a hot air release system to warm the necks of the passengers and thus make longer journeys more comfortable.

Convertibles are models with a long history. At first in the automobile industry the convertible design was the only which existed, until the Cadillac brand presented the first car design with a closed roof in the year 1910. Until the 1970s cars of the time varied between models with a closed roof and convertibles, until, due to concerns about passenger safety, production of convertible models began to stop in 1976, especially in the United States (in Europe they continued to be manufactured normally). It was not until 1980 that the convertible returned the streets of America, now as a car reserved for the wealthy, creating the current image of the exclusivity of convertible cars.

With our convertible hire in Ibiza you will now have the opportunity to enjoy this exclusivity at an unbeatable price. Take advantage now and don’t miss out on your convertible for making your holiday in Ibiza unforgettable.