Terms and conditions

Vehicles hire

1. The customer undertakes not to use the vehicle nor to permit that the vehicle be used: for he paid transportation of people or objects; in any public or private race or sporting competition; by any person who has provided A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L with a fictitious name or a alse age or address or contravening any of the applicable Laws, Bylaws or Regulations; to move or tow any vehicle or trailer; by any person other than the customer, the family members of thecustomer who share the same address as them the employer of the customer or an employee of the customer making use of the vehicle in the course of the normal completion of their services for the customer. It is understood that any of the persons mentioned above must have obtained the prior authorisation of A.TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L and that no person, including the customer, will be able to use or drive the vehicle unless in possession of the corresponding vehicle registration document. The restrictions contained in this clause are to be applied together and apply to any use or driving of the vehicle. The customer takes full responsibility for any fine, penalty or expenses deriving from the infringement of the contents of this clause.

2. The customer takes full responsibility for any infringement of traffic or parking regulations committed during the term of this contract.

3. It is hereby expressly agreed that A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L takes no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or damage to any belongings left, or stored or that the customer or any other person leaves, stores or transports in the vehicle, whether during the rental period or after said period has ended. The customer accepts the risk of such losses or damages, releases A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L from any claim pertaining to said belongings and promises to keep A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L free from and indemnified against any claim that may emerge for this reason.

4. A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L does not accept responsibility for any delays that may happen as a consequence of a breakdown of the vehicle or for any other reason. A.TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L will not replace the vehicle in case of theft or accident.

5. The customer will be responsible for any damages caused to the rented vehicle, unless otherwise relieved from said responsibility by the conditions shown in the corresponding box. If the client loses or leaves the keys of the vehicle locked inside, it will be charged €30 to have the replacement keys taken.

6. The vehicle referred to in this contract is covered by an “unlimited” third-party Civil and Criminal Liability insurance policy. Since the renter will be included within said policy, it will undertake to fulfill all of the terms and conditions included therein. In order to fulfill the requirements of said policy, the client agrees to immediately inform either the insurance company or A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L in case of any accident.

7. In case of any dispute that might emerge in relation to this document, all partiesagree to be bound by the Laws and Courts of Ibiza, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may be applicable

8. A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L offers the client a comprehensive insurance policy covering any damages to the rented vehicle caused as a result of a collision. This insurance policy does not cover damages caused to the wheels or the lower parts of the vehicle, the loss of keys, tears or damage to the interior of the vehicle or accessories belonging to or delivered along with the vehicle. This insurance policy, along with the contract, will be made null and void and the client will lose the fee, insurance and any deposits when:
– The vehicle is driven by any person other than the owner of the contract.
– The driver infringes the regulations of the Traffic Laws (Highway Code).
– The damage is caused intentionally or through the improper use of the vehicle.
– The vehicle holds more people than the authorised number.
– The vehicle is driven, out of the authorised public highways.
– The driver, drives under the effects of alcohol or any narcotic substance.
– The customer uses the vehicle for the transportation of merchandise, the paid transportation of passengers or any other activity that involves either the direct or indirect subleasing of the vehicle.

Since the insurance policy will be made null and void under the previously detailed circumstances, in these cases the customer will be wholly responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle in case of theft, accident, breakdown, vandalism, or loss of its parts, along with the days which the vehicle has been out of service.

9. DEPOSIT. Upon signing the contract, the customer will pay A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L, in addition to the amount due to settle the corresponding contract, a quantity by way of deposit, the amount of which will be decided by A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L, and from which will be taken any extra charges, of whatever nature, that are incurred. In case that amount left by way of deposit does not cover the entire cost of said charges, the customer agrees to make up to the difference to A.TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L. In case of no additional or extra charges A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L will return the deposit to the renter once the contract has ended.

10. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE The vehicle will be returned at the place, date andtime stipulated in the contract and in the same condition in which it was delivered by A.TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L, along with all of its documentation, tyres, keys, tools and accessories. If the vehicle is returned earlier, the customer will not have any right to claim back the difference, either the fee or the insurance policy featured in the contract. In case that the customer wishes to keep the rented vehicle for a longer period of time than that stipulated in the contract, it must obtain the written authorisation of A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L, to whom it must pay the corresponding additional amount or accept the charge to the credit card used to pay for the rental. Under no circumstances ,the deposit wont act as payment to extend the rental period. Any deviation from the agreed upon return conditions may result in additional charges for the customer.

11. FUEL. The customer is responsible for refuelling the vehicle with the correct type of fuel, the cost of which will always be their expense. Any charges or repair deriving from the use of the incorrect fuel will be at the expense of the customer. If the client returns the vehicle with more fuel than it had at the start of the contract, the difference will not be returned, for administrative reasons.

12. EXTRA CHARGES. The customer authorises A. TURBO RENT A CAR, S.L to charge to the credit or debit card any corresponding extra charges at the time of the return of the vehicle, in accordance with the clauses contained within this rental contract.

13.1. For bookings with flexible rate, the customer will have until 48h before the collection date to make changes or cancels without penalty. After this time, we will charge the price of the first day of rental (without discount) as penalty and return the rest if the client wants to cancel it.

13.2. For bookings with basic rate, the customer will not be able to change the rental dates or make any modification or cancelation in the booking involving the refund of the amount that was paid to confirm it.

14. A.Turbo Rent a car, S.L is not responsible for any faults in the calculation of prices or availability of vehicles by the web. In case of error, A.Turbo Rent a car, S.L. You agree to cancel the reservation and cancel the payment made within a maximum period of 24 hours from the confirmation of the reservation.

15. The customer must be 21 years old and mínimum 2 years driving experience to rent cars, quads and vans.


This vehicle will be taken straight away if found UNLOCKED (steering and lock), BADLY PARKED or with an EXPIRED CONTRACT. Your contract will be cancelled immediately and you will loose all previously paid amount.

THEFT.- ALWAYS leave the vehicle LOCKED. In case of theft, you will be required to pay the cost of the vehicle and will lose all previously paid amount. The contract will be automatically cancelled aswell.

DELIVERY TIME.- Any vehicle not returned before the agreed delivery date andtime will incur a surcharge of 20 euros per hour or partial hour for cars and quads, and 10 euros per hour or partial hour for motorbikes.

MISUSE/ BEACH AREA.- Driving vehicles in the beach environment, or off the authorised highways, is illegal and could lead to serious damage to the vehicle. Similarly, the customer undertakes not to take or neither to permit that the vehicle is taken out of the island of Ibiza. Such circumstances would automatically null and void the insurance policy and the result will be the loss of all amount deposited by the customer and the cancellation of the rental contract.

EXCESS.- In case of breakdown, theft of the vehicle or any of its parts, the customer must pay , 450,00€ for mopeds and motorbikes up to 350 c.c.; 1000,00€ for cars in groups A, B, C, quads and motorbikes above 350 c.c.; and 1350,00€ for vehicles in groups D,E,F,G or I, and 2000,00€ for vehicles in any of the rest of the groups. Any kind of insurance will be made null and void if at the moment of the accident or theft the customer has not paid the corresponding rental up to that time and date.

CARD PAYMENT: The holder of the card with which any payment or deposit is made must be present at the signing of the rental agreement and prove ownership.


INFORMATION ON DATA FILING SYSTEMS AND PROCESSING. In accordance with the terms of European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), you are informed that the personal data here gathered will be included in filing systems of which the controller is A. TURBO RENT A CAR S.L., of registered office at Avenida Cala de Bou 26, 07829 San Jose, Balearic Islands, Spain.

CONTACT DETAILS: The personal details collected in relation to a query or request shall be handled to process it, and, where applicable, contact you in relation to this.

THIRD-PARTY DETAILS.- If personal details owned by third parties are provided, you state that you have the consent of the affected parties for this and have previously informed them of the content of this privacy policy.

COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS.- Unless you indicate otherwise, your details will also be processed to keep you informed, either by email or any other means, of operational and commercial information and performing opinion surveys on products and services offered by A. TURBO RENT A CAR S.L.

RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY.- The affected parties can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to the aforementioned address enclosing a copy of their National Identity Card.