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Motorbike hire in Ibiza


Hiring a motorbike is the most intelligent option for discovering Ibiza, one of the treasures of the Balearic Islands. Choosing a motorbike adds savings, comfort and freedom to this good decision. It is simple: you do not depend on the timetables of public transport, do not consume (and therefore do not pay for) as much fuel as with other vehicles, and you can travel where you wish in a few minutes. Furthermore, for the more spiritual, travelling by motorbike you will enjoy the landscape, forming a part of it, being carried away by the breeze and its scents.

The good choices that one makes when organising their trip determine the success of holidays. This does not only involve choosing a destination which you will love or accommodation which will offer you the relaxation which you so crave; during your stay in Ibiza you have to plan many other things, such as, for example, how to spend your free time or how to move from one place or another. Take into account that transport in Ibiza is very important, as it is a very small island.


Trail Motorbike Hire in Ibiza and Formentera

Anyone who has visited Ibiza before and has been moved by the islands interior areas knows, Ibiza has some very nice mountain routes, both for visiting on foot or with a vehicle, whether 4x4, quadbike or motorbike. There are many routes which pass through mountain areas, forests and meadows, even some which cross some of the most beautiful towns of the interior of Ibiza. Thus, many people recommend that if you want to visit the wildest side of Ibiza you should do so by hiring a trail motorbike in Ibiza, to have a durable motorbike which is prepared to take you on any “off-road” route.

A perfect motorbike for driving off-road: the Yamaha XT 650.

At Turbo Rent a Car we want to present you the trail motorbike that we offer, one of the best-known and most reliable of the trail motorbike market: the Yamaha XT 650. This motorbike will take you wherever you wish, on whatever adventure you wish to have. Not only is it prepared for off-road driving, this motorbike is also much more manoeuvrable on asphalt (more so than some similar trail models), and thus is suitable for any type of road, whether asphalt or not.

With a slim sophistication, although tall and robust, the Yamaha XT 650 is designed to be able to be driven on any type of terrain and survive. Its 21” wheels make it perform with optimum capacity on asphalt without sacrificing handling in the countryside, being one of the most manoeuvrable and agile motorbikes on the market. Hiring a trail motorbike in Ibiza and Formentera with Turbo Rent a Car has become an incredible experience thanks to this powerful motorbike, which will make you enjoy the unpaved roads of Ibiza to the maximum or take you to forested areas and fields of the small island of Formentera.

A vehicle for all tastes and needs.

However, at Turbo Rent a Car we do not like to limit your possibilities. In addition to trail motorbike hire in Ibiza, you can find a wide variety of other vehicles on our website catalogue, with both motorbikes and other types of vehicles. If you still wish to travel off-road but do not wish to use a motorbike, try one of our powerful 4x4 cars, which will take you as far or further than the Yamaha XT 650 with the maximum reliability of an all-terrain vehicle; or try one of our quadbikes, which will give you an even more extreme off-road experience.

If your holiday plan is calmer, hire one of our small cars, ideal for couples seeking romantic holidays on the White Island, enjoying the tranquillity, great gastronomy and sunsets. If you are travelling as a family or with friends, our vans and minivans are waiting for you and your family or friends, with all the space that you need for your luggage. Whatever the vehicle you need, in our website catalogue you will find the ideal vehicle for your holiday in Ibiza.

With all the help you may need and with the maximum guarantee.