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At Turbo Rent a Car we have several types of motorbikes available. If you love classic motorbikes, the Piaggio Vespa is for you. We offer you the opportunity to drive the most famous scooter in history.


Vespa Hire in Ibiza and Formentera

This type of scooter was created by Rinaldo Piaggio as long ago as 1884. The Second World War had a large impact on the Vespa, as the factories that Piaggio had in Pisa and Pontedura were totally destroyed by bombs. They needed to recover from this, and Enrico, along with the help of his brother Armando, decided to enter the light mobility business.

Enrico Piaggio chose Corradino D’Ascanio, the famous designer and aeronautical engineer. The guidelines were set out by Enrico Piaggio: it was to be economical, simple, robust, easy to drive for men and women, have capacity for a passenger, and protect the clothing of the driver. Given its low cost, the Vespa was certainly created for the masses.

The name of the Vespa arose due to its similarity to a wasp, with the larger rear section joined to the front section by a narrow centre, and the handlebars like antennae.

At first, people’s reaction was mixed, and the Vespa was not a true success until the 125cc model was released. During the 1950s this 125cc Vespa set a world record for the speed of driving one kilometre with an average of 171.102km/h.

This is a unique motorbike for travelling the island of Ibiza, and continues to be modern, largely thanks to cinema and publicity. It can be seen in classic films such as “Roman Holiday” and recent films such as “The Talented Mr Ripley”. This is a great merit if we take into account that the Vespa is a motorbike which remains contemporary despite its age.

In addition to being very charming, hiring a Vespa in Ibiza has advantages, as you will have a high level of mobility for traveling to the beaches of Ibiza and all its hidden spots. We recommend visiting Playa d’en Bossa, almost considered a holiday city, with one of the longest beaches of the coastline, with two kilometres of fine sand and very calm waters. This area also offers much more, as here leisure establishments, a minigolf course nearby, shops, bars and nightclubs can be found. There are plenty of options to enjoy in the company of your Vespa Piaggio.

Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that for hiring a motorbike from Turbo Rent a Car there is no age limit or requirement for experience, and that with just the corresponding valid driving licence you will be able to hire a Vespa in Ibiza and Formentera. If this were not enough, at Turbo Rent a Car we provide you with 2 helmets free with the hire of the Vespa Piaggio motorbike, as in addition to the satisfaction of our clients, the most important thing to us is your safety.

At Turbo Rent a Car we make it easy for you. If you are already in Ibiza or Formentera consult the map of offices and find the closest one. If, on the other hand, you are not here, it is as easy as accessing our website and selecting the product which best suits your travel plan, choosing the day and collection point, and having your motorbike waiting for you at the start of your holiday. Hire a Vepa in Ibiza and Formentera is that easy. Additionally, you have the guarantee of our 20 years of experience. We haven’t even told you the best part yet – when you hire a vehicle from Turbo Rent a Car you will have unlimited mileage, with the freedom of travelling to any part of the island, as many times as you wish, at no extra cost.