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Fiat 500 Hire in Ibiza

The most popular hire car in Ibiza

How does a romantic trip to the Pitiusa islands sound? The ideal plan is to hire a Fiat 500 in Ibiza to be able to visit the islands on a whim and be able to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere. Take advantage of our hire offers now to do it with the ideal vehicle for your holiday.


Fiat 500 Hire in Ibiza

An urban car designed for driving in cities and towns.

Our Fiat 500 is perfect for driving in the city. With a very efficient engine, it is ideal for making maximum savings thanks to its very low consumption, which will allow you to save petrol and time, something which is always welcome during a holiday. If, as well as the city, you wish to take a relaxing car trip to the small towns of Ibiza, this car will allow you to do so without any problem. With its stereo system and air conditioning you will enjoy the Mediterranean climate to the maximum, and even more so with our cabriolet model, as with its convertible roof you will be able to enjoy the sea breeze or the afternoon sun while you drive. Additionally, the automatic convertible roof forms a protective layer over the boot, thus serving as protection against external factors.

Fiat 500, the “engine” of Italy.

The modern Fiat 500 is a remodelled version of the old Fiat 500 from 1950, a car which many say was the main Italian car in that decade, a period for which the Italians baptised the vehicle with the name Topolina, and which later, with its arrival in Spain, the Spanish renamed Rubia (blonde) for the yellowish tone of the wood with which the car was constructed.

With ideal proportions for the city (3 and a half metres long, just over one and a half metres wide and just under one and a half metres tall) allows you to forget about parking problems during your stay in Ibiza, as well as not having to make as many trips to the petrol station due to its low consumption.

Freedom like you have never experienced before.

With our Fiat 500 hire in Ibiza you will be able to enjoy the city and towns of Ibiza to the maximum. You will be able to visit all the famous locations of Ibiza, from its beaches and coves (especially the famous beaches of Las Salinas and La Playa d’en Bossa, where many famous people spend the summer), to the most famous architectural locations of the city of Ibiza (the walls of Dalt Vila and the old town of the city, the famous nightclubs, the marina, etc.). For all of this you just need to come to the island, as we now offer car hire with airport pickup at no extra cost.

Each person and trip is its own world, and each has an ideal car.

With Turbo Rent a Car, hiring a Fiat 500 in Ibiza is extremely easy, as all you have to do is access our website and enter the days you have thought of visiting Ibiza in our calendar. You will then have your Fiat 500 on the days you have indicated. In addition to that you will be able to find many other vehicles in our extensive catalogue, each one ideal for other types of trips and clients. Travelling as a couple? As well as our Fiat 500 you will be able to find other two-seater models which are perfect for your romantic getaway. Travelling with friends? You can find our minivans and vans, able to carry lots of luggage. If you prefer something more extreme, we also have motorbikes and quadbikes!

Whatever your trip, we have what you are looking for – take advantage of our offers!