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The design of the motorbike will never go out of fashion. Many people define a scooter as a motorbike, and it is the most familiar and best-selling design in the history of motorbikes. This is due to the comfort and ease of use of these motorbikes, designed specifically for a more common and casual use, and therefore with easier handling. Now, thanks to Turbo Rent a Car, you can hire your own scooter on your holiday to Ibiza or Formentera.


Take advantage of our scooter hire in Ibiza for travelling the city of Ibiza on your scooter, thus gaining liberty and mobility to be able to visit every corner of the city, from the famous walls of Dalt Vila, through the city’s old town, the many excellent Ibizan restaurants or the many nightclubs, which fill with the city’s people at night. This is ideal for couples who wish to spend a romantic holiday on the island, as our scooters come with a pair of helmets for your motorbike completely free, so that safety comes first on your trip.

In our large catalogue of scooters you will be able to find the motorbike which you like most for your trip, with different engine sizes, but always with the maximum performance and always at the best price. Hiring scooters in Ibiza or Formentera has never been so attractive thanks to the offers of Turbo Rent a Car. [Located in the yellow square]

There are models such as the Piaggio Typhoon 50 c.c., one of the most comfortable and powerful scooters on the market, very popular in Spain in recent years, as well as being one of the safest motorbikes due to the larger size of its wheels, without losing manoeuvrability. Thanks to its full control from the handlebars this motorbike is a delight to drive, as it requires almost no effort to handle.

You can also find the Aprilia Sportcity, a scooter with a very strong sporty character, with great manoeuvrability and agility when driving both at low and high speeds, which added to its elegant finish, make this motorbike one of the most spectacular at the aesthetic level.

If you are looking for a Little more power in your rental from our catalogue you can see the well-known Yamaha X Max 250cc, one of the best-selling scooters in our country two or three years ago, which still maintains its performance at maximum capacity. With an outstanding capacity on the motorway (being able to exceed 140km/h), this motorbike will take you on any motorway between the towns of Ibiza with the greatest efficiency and comfort, as it is also one of the most comfortable scooters which exists.

In addition to our selection of motorbikes, you will be able to find other types of vehicles, whatever your needs. Travelling as a couple? If you do not want a motorbike you can hire one of our excellent two seat cars, ideal for romantic escapes in Ibiza. Travelling in a group? With our selection of vans and minivans you will have space to bring all the luggage you need without having to leave anyone behind. Are you looking for something more extreme? Take advantage of our offers for hiring a quadbike for taking the wildest routes through the countryside of Ibiza. There is a vehicle for every occasion, don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of our offers now.